Kickstand Party History


  ***   Disclaimer- This was wrote from Kickstand’s memory, and he is getting old and forgetful.


 This party started when Mr. & Mrs. Don (Kickstand) and Charlene McBrian bought their new property and move to the country. It was 4.76 Acres with almost no neighbors. It was just a basic

A-Frame house overlooking a pond, and a garage. They decided that it was a perfect place for a party.


The Kickstand Party was started and ran for 8 consecutive years, until the McBrian's were in a motorcycle accident which caused the party to cease after 2004. It has been 15 years since the last Kickstand Party.


  The first party was in 1997 under a small 20X20' rented tent with 2 kegs of beer and only a radio playing. It was still a good party as we ran out of beer and had to run to town for another keg. 


  For the 1998 party a 20X40' awning was erected and live music came to the party in the form of one band. A beer trailer was ordered to eliminate running to town for more beer. A big storm blew in around midnight and whipped the awning. The center post came loose and fell towards the band. The party ended early for that reason.


  Before the 1999 party, Kickstand's friends assisted with the construction of a permanent party pavilion. This way no storm could end the party early. The party grew to 15 kegs that year. There were 3 live bands this year. A hog was roasted to encourage overnight camping and to keep people off the road after drinking.


  in 2000 a 12X16' band stage was built and tied into the pavilion to give more room for attendees. Also, to give more selection, 2 beer trailers were ordered with 15 Bud and 15 Miller kegs. This party was really taking off.


  From 2001-2004 the party was expanded to a Friday/Saturday party.


  In 2001 there were 7 live bands, 30 kegs of beer, and 2 hogs roasted, with 500 ears of corn on the cob. It was a great party, but food ran out a 3PM. This caused people to go to town for food. It was decided that food vendors would be required for future parties.


   From 2002 to 2004 there were 7 live bands over 2 days. There were always 2 food vendors on site and most people camped or slept in their vehicle. The beer was expanded to 30 Bud and 30 Miller kegs. One year 34 kegs of beer were consumed. As 2004 was the last party, it has been 15 years since the last party.


   As the McBrian's are selling their property next year, this is the last Kickstand Party. Please plan on staying overnight if possible, for safety reasons. Camping is free and encouraged.

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